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The Podcast

Common sense retirement planning advice that answers the tough money questions. The Plan 2 Retire Podcast will guide you through the noise of mainstream financial advice that is not always in your best interest. Making you a better investor, consumer, and helping you make smart money choices as you journey through retirement.

Certified Financial Planner, Jeff Bowers, with over 30 years of financial services experience breaks down the hard to understand in simple, actionable steps to help you maximize your Social Security, learn how to invest your retirement funds, and coordinate your health care choices.

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Misconceptions in the Market  Thumbnail

Misconceptions in the Market

In this podcast we have great information to share with you with the help of Dimensional Funds. Often existing clients and plan participants tend to have several questions regarding the following topics: - the need for diversification - do downturns lead to down years - bull and bear markets Below you can find PDF documents with visuals for the topics.

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Prepared to Lose Power  Thumbnail

Prepared to Lose Power

Recently, Texas experienced a major power outage due to severe storms. At one point and time more than 4.5 million people did not have power. Are you prepared for a disaster such as this? On this podcast we have David McDonald, with Apparatus Repair and Engineering, and Mike Radaker, with MEC, to talk generators. Tune in to learn more about what you may need to be prepared.

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Importance of Insurance Thumbnail

Importance of Insurance

Often there are a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings when it comes to insurance. Certain insurance is a huge part of both your financial and retirement planning.

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SEP VS. SIMPLE: Let's talk IRAs Thumbnail

SEP VS. SIMPLE: Let's talk IRAs

One of the questions from the field we often get is: What the difference is between a SEP IRA and a SIMPLE IRA? In this podcast Jeff breaks down the differences and compares the two. There are several things to consider when you are thinking about which plan would be the best to implement for your company.

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