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Update: Navigating the Housing Market with Leigh Fangmeyer  Thumbnail

Update: Navigating the Housing Market with Leigh Fangmeyer

On this podcast we have back a repeat guest from last year! Leigh Fangmeyer is an experienced realtor. Last year she spoke to us about how the housing market had changed since the start of COVID-19. She is back to give us an update on what the market looks like.

Jeff and Leigh will discuss:

  • An update on the housing market

  • The impact home inventory has had on the market

  • Big changes in the housing market over the years

  • Leigh’s role as a realtor

  • Average time that homes are lasting on the market

  • Important steps to buying a home

  • The importance in making sure you love where you live

  • Why you should educate your young adults on the impact of their debts at a young age






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