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Our Mobile Retirement Planning Services

Mobile Retirement Planning Services

Who would this benefit?

The Plan Van provides convenience for anyone who can not or does not prefer to travel. It is great for companies with employees that work in the field, rather than in an office. We are able to travel to and go over all of their retirement planning needs with them. This can all be done from the comfort of the van!

What's Inside?

We are able to bring it all to you! The van is fully loaded with everything necessary for a meeting. Our plan van includes Wi-Fi, heating, air conditioning, seating, a table, a tv, and even a fridge!

Where do we travel?

With the Plan Van, our services are currently being offered in the continuous states between Pennsylvania and Florida. Not sure if we can come to you? Just reach out! As always, our goal at Plan2Retire is to service your needs with a servants mentality.

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