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The Podcast

Common sense retirement planning advice that answers the tough money questions. The Plan 2 Retire Podcast will guide you through the noise of mainstream financial advice that is not always in your best interest. Making you a better investor, consumer, and helping you make smart money choices as you journey through retirement.

Certified Financial Planner, Jeff Bowers, with over 30 years of financial services experience breaks down the hard to understand in simple, actionable steps to help you maximize your Social Security, learn how to invest your retirement funds, and coordinate your health care choices.

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2021's Social Security Changes  Thumbnail

2021's Social Security Changes

Social Security is an important factor for most people’s retirement. It represents about 50% of retiree’s income for about 50% of the population! In this podcast Jeff explores the changes that have been made for 2021 as well as tips for how to maximize your benefit.

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Disentangling Election Emotions with Apollo Lupescu Thumbnail

Disentangling Election Emotions with Apollo Lupescu

On this podcast Jeff interviewed Apollo Lupescu, Vice President at Dimensional Fund Advisors, where he started in 2004 after finishing his PhD in economics and finance at the University of California, Santa Barbara. During his tenure at the firm, Apollo has gained experience in a wide variety of practical subject matters. Jeff and Apollo will explore the connection that emotions can have with investment decisions during election time along with many of the contributing factors that surround investment portfolios.

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Passion for Protection with Carol Ann Williams Thumbnail

Passion for Protection with Carol Ann Williams

Often, we overlook the importance of personal safety. On this podcast Jeff interviews self-defense expert, Carol Ann Williams. She has been doing self defense for over a decade. Carol Ann targets and specializes in helping women protect themselves from an attack.

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Questions from The Field: Stock Market Returns & Elections Thumbnail

Questions from The Field: Stock Market Returns & Elections

People often panic about their investments amid an election. There are many concerns about the market and what the best decisions are regarding stocks. In this segment of Questions from the Field, Jeff will explore history concerning the relationship between stocks and the election.

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Epic Glamping with Stephen Rhodes Thumbnail

Epic Glamping with Stephen Rhodes

In this week’s podcast we have a special guest, Stephen Rhodes! Stephen is going to share with us more about his unique business, Epic Glamping. Listen in to learn more about glamping, how it all started, and advice for anyone planning to start their own business.

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The Ins and Outs of 401(k)s Thumbnail

The Ins and Outs of 401(k)s

In this episode Jeff dives into studies done by Empower Retirement, Fidelity Investments, and American Century. He shares information that is not only beneficial to 401(k) sponsors but for plan participants as well.

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