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Happy Holiday Message for 2013

Happy Holiday Message for 2013

Generosity is such an important trait to have in this world.  There are so many people less fortunate than us.  So, when I stumbled across the following story, the need to share it was overwhelming.  This is a story about people who have so much and come to the aid of those who have so little.  It really captures the spirit of giving that lives in us all, but comes out ten-fold during this time of year.

Have you ever had to put something on layaway because you didn’t have enough money to purchase whatever it was, outright?  Luckily, most people won’t have to experience that, but there are quite a few families out there who have no choice if they’re to have a Christmas with presents under the tree.

Imagine you’re standing in line with your three small children, wondering if you’ll have enough money in your bank account to pay for even just one toy.  Then, you get to the register and your card is declined.  You get that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach … knowing your children will understand and won’t be upset because they love you.  They know that money is tight; but you just can’t bear to have another Christmas without experiencing the simple joy of watching your kids’ eyes brighten up as they unwrap their presents.  Just as you’re about to walk away from the cash register, feeling embarrassed that you couldn’t afford just $20, a woman comes up to the register and tells the cashier that she will pay for all of the toys on your layaway. At first you think it’s a joke, but she confirms that she’s serious.  You burst into tears.  You’re so surprised by the unwarranted kindness of this stranger that you can barely even thank her.

Now, you may think this doesn’t happen very often, but it does!  This type of generosity has become viral in our country over the last little while.  People walk into Kmart®, or Walmart®, or anywhere that has layaway service and pay for someone’s Christmas.1

In this economy, it’s hard to make ends meet if you don’t have a decent, stable job.  It’s hard to provide the extravagant Christmas that so many of us desire to give to our families.  So, if you are blessed … paying a couple bucks here and there to make someone else’s Christmas happen, is a small price to pay to truly make the season a magical one.  It could be the greatest gift you ever give.

I would encourage all of us to do something nice for a stranger this year.  It will make you feel good and will certainly brighten up their day as well.

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